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Found a bug or error in my content? Check out the errata page before you contact me, I might have already found it.

Due to the massive increase of spam that can get past reCaptcha, I don’t provide a contact form or my email address publicly any more.

I only respond to queries from readers who have bought one of my books. If you want to email me, the address is in the book you purchased.

So as to not raise expectations, there are only two reasons why I will respond to you, even if you are a reader:

  1. You have found a bug or error. If you think you have found one, and I don’t respond within a few days, assume it’s your code that’s incorrect.
  2. If you are having trouble with a purchase you have made on the Djangobook website.

Note that, as much as I would like to, I no longer have time to troubleshoot code or answer “how do I…” questions. Stack Overflow is a great resource for these sorts of questions and so is the Django Web Framework group on Facebook.

To paraphrase and old saying – Google helps those who help themselves…

All the best,


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