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Mastering Django 4

Mastering Django: Models

Unless you are creating a simple website, there is little chance of avoiding the need to interact with some form of database when building modern web applications. Unfortunately, this usually means you have to get your hands dirty with Structured Query Language (SQL)—which is just about nobody’s idea of fun. In Django, the messy issues …

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Python for Django Developers: Part 2

Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples Lists, dictionaries and tuples are used to store collections of objects. They are differentiated from each other by the delimiter they use: []. A list. E.g. [“one”,”two”] {}. A dictionary. E.g. {1:”one”, 2:”two”} (). A tuple. E.g. (“one”, 2) Lists you should be very familiar with, as we all use lists daily. A dictionary is also straight …

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