Welcome to Mastering Django

We have a pretty simple mission at Mastering Django:

  • Provide the best resources and training for programmers wanting to become Django professionals; and
  • Work with employers to ensure our training provides them with a pool of programmers with validated and usable skills.

If you are just starting out in programming you are in the right place.

Python (the language Django is built on) is everywhere – from running many of your favorite websites, to powering the scripts behind the latest CG blockbusters and 3D games. Python is as powerful as any other programming language, with the added advantage of a simple and clear style that has made it the top language for teaching programming.

Even better, later in your career, if you have to learn a new programming language with a much steeper learning curve (like Java), you will find it much easier to grasp once you have learned all the fundamentals in Python.

Django is a web framework that has had strong growth over the last 8 years, and with good reason – it has all power of Python built right in. Easy to program, powerful, secure and scalable – Django will have you up and running with sophisticated, responsive web-apps faster than any other framework.

If you are a professional programmer you are in for a treat!

Django and Python free you from the bloat and the boilerplate, the arcane structures and twisted tangles of tags, scripts and HTML. Rediscover the joy of programming :).